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Support Coordinator

191 Freshfield Rd, Brighton BN2 9YE, UK

Job Type

Full Time

Daily Responsibilities:


The role of the Support Coordinator is to provide floating support to our residents who are individuals deemed a low risk to themselves or others. 

The aim is to enable and encourage our residents to achieve their goals, maintain their placement and gain the skills necessary to move on to live independently in the future. 

Full Specifications are available on request, however a summary of responsibilities are: 

  • to manage a caseload of 20-25 service users 

  • to be proficient in risk assessment, and support planning. 

  • to be able to update and keep relevant records

  • to ensure that the individual's needs are addressed holistically 

  • to ensure that the support plan is personal to each individual 

  • to encourage the service user to engage with relevant community services 

  • to aid in their recovery and development 

  • to ensure that they are able to support the service user to create personal budgets

  • to work with a team within the organisation and in the community to ensure the service user is accessing the most relevant services

  • to ensure that the service user is registered with a GP 

  • to work with service users in key work sessions and group sessions creating specific agendas and desired outcomes

Full Time- Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

Starting Salary- £23,000 per annum 


  • Relevant qualifications such as NVQ in Health & Social Care desirable

  • Experience working with vulnerable adults for at least 1 year

  • Full driving licence and use of a vehicle

About the Company:

Safe Haven Sussex CIC is a non-profit community interest company that provides accommodation and support for vulnerable adults who were homeless or vulnerably housed. Safe Haven Sussex has 36 houses across the city, ranging from 3-6 bedrooms with shared communal facilities.

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