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To make a referral to Safe Haven Sussex low-medium Supported Accommodation, please follow these steps:

  1. Referrals must be made by a professional who knows the individual being referred. Unfortunately we cannot accept self-referrals. Please read the eligibility criteria before making a referral. 

  2. Fill out the referral form below. 

  3. The form can only be submitted once we have all of the requested information, including the applicant's proof of benefit (showing eligibility within the last 3 months) and ID.

  4. If you can't complete the form in one go please use this link, so that you can save and come back to it.

  5. You should receive a confirmation email once the form is submitted.

  6. When the application is being processed, the Referrals Officer might contact you for further information. Once the Referrals Officer has all of the information they need, and if they feel our service might be suitable for the individual, they will contact the applicant for an initial phone assessment.

  7. After the phone assessment there is a panel meeting, if we feel Safe Haven Sussex is the right service for the applicant, they will be invited for a Face-to-Face assessment with the Referrals Officer. 

  8. The Assessment will take place in a private meeting room with the Referrals Officer. The client may bring with them a key worker, a registered interpreter, or another person that is currently supporting them.

  9. After the assessment a panel meeting is held, where we assess whether the service is suitable and whether we can offer the individual a place on the waiting list.

  10. If we feel that Safe Haven Sussex is a suitable option for the client, they will be notified and placed on our waiting list until the appropriate room becomes available.

  11. If you have any questions or need any advice, guidance, or support regarding the referral please email or call 01273 757070.

  12. If you are street homeless and require urgent support please look at the Antifreeze Street Sheet to see what may be available for you. 

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