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SHS offer floating holistic support to our residents. We have a dedicated support team providing individual & group key work sessions. We work closely with other community services to ensure residents are engaging in services relevant to them.  



With our ethos in mind, the move-on strategy is paramount to the support we provide. We help our resident gain the life skills to enable them to move onto independent living. SHS provides workshops on important issues such as being landlord ready and budgeting. Although SHS is providing temporary supported accommodation, their is no time limit on how long a resident can stay for as we know moving on into independent living can be a daunting task.

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We will support our residents through key work sessions, group sessions, house meetings and workshops to enhance their life skills, such as; health and well-being, budgeting and finance, knowledge of community services and what they can offer to support them, social integration, private rental accommodation, and whatever else the individual resident wants to learn to enable them to move on to being fully independent when the time is right.

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SHS provides a safe shared living space for all our residents. All our properties are family styled homes with a communal area and kitchen. Each resident will have their own bedroom with a key. The  Safeguarding of our residents is at the upmost importance to us.  We take house matching very seriously. We endeavour to make sure residents are matched appropriately. All our homes are dry houses. SHS offers women only houses. We work closely with our Landlords to maintain the properties to a high standard

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Although our residents may initially only need a safe place to live, where they will feel secure, and able to focus on their life goals, we will then encourage them to think about education, re-training and when ready to secure part time or full time employment.  To do this we will work with the resident to establish their interests and support them to source training through local colleges and other trainers to give them the educational options they need to then move on to secured employment.